Smart wearable gadgets that are not just cool but useful too

Technology has made life easy. We cannot imagine our lives without gadgets. In fact, there are some smart and cool wearable gadgets which you must check out.

ELF emmit


ELF emit is an amalgamation of technology and ancient techniques. This gadget which has 5 mood settings mainly helps in improving concentration and sleep. ELF emmit also helps in managing stress. The low-frequency electromagnetic pulses help the frequencies of your brain and body to change and match up with your desired mood. In a way, this gadget helps in making your brain work the way you want to irrespective of the outside pressures.



If you want to remember everything or organise your business the smart way or drive with full concentration, then MYLE TAP device is perfect for you. All you need to do is tap and speak out all that you have in mind. The device captures the data and you don’t need a phone or a computer. Once the device is in Bluetooth range the data is converted into text and sent to your phone. The package includes arm processor, memory for 2000 notes, accelerometer, Bluetooth, battery, LED and digital microphone. MYLE TAP supports 42 languages.



You can use Breathe as a personal wearable air purifier. Breathe prevents the air pollutants and does not require any filter replacement. This gadget helps in maintaining clean air around you. Breathe comes with a powerful rechargeable battery. On a single charge, the battery lasts for 30 hours. The gadget helps in maintaining good health of body and mind. The components of Breathe are enclosed in anodised aluminium enclosure which is 2 mm thick. Breathe is available in two colours cadet grey and matte black.



If you are suffering from a backache due to a bad posture, then UpRight Posture trainer is the right gadget for you. UpRight can be comfortably attached to your back. The gadget starts vibrating when you slump or have a bad posture. You need to wear UpRight daily for 15 minutes to one hour and you can track your progress through the app. From the app, you can get posture statistics and analytics. The app actually works like your personalised trainer. With the help of UpRight, you can improve your posture without disturbing your routine. UpRight works on your core muscles and helps in improving your posture in 2 to 3 weeks.



This gadget is a must for your security. This wearable safety device can be connected with your phone with the help of an app. You can store 5 contacts in this device. If you sense danger like assault or accident etc simply press the Revolar button. An alert along with your GPS location will be sent to those 5 contacts. This one touch assurance is a must in today’s world where danger in any form can be lurking around the corner. You can hide the device under your clothes or can attach it to your keychain. So you can easily carry Revolar wherever you go. Revolar is lightweight and waterproof.

These trendy wearable smart gadgets fit well into your lifestyle. All those people who believe in living a quality life must use these innovative devices.

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