Remidi T8 lets you tap out customized rhythms with your fingertips

Do you often keep tapping your fingers on a desk while listening to music? Now, you can actually create music with this habit of yours. Do you want to know how? Well, Remidi T8 is a clever wearable instrument for your hands so you can go on creating, performing, and recording music using nothing but your fingertips, palms, and wrist.

Without any additional 3D-printed elements and instruments, the T8 sensor-equipped hand glove, along with a high-tech wristband, is able to connect to your computer or smartphone for running its music creation software. Once a connection has been made, all you need to do is tap your fingers against any surface and become the composer of your own music and tunes.

How does Remidi T8 work?

The main device that runs the T8 system is the ABS bracelet, which features two electronic buttons for selecting and one scrolling knob for browsing different notes, chords, and music samples. The smart electronic gear comes packed with motion sensors that create endless musical notes and tunes using hand gestures.

Furthermore, the sensor-packed hand glove can synchronize with your smartphone, laptop, or personal computer via Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The connection with your computer or any other electronic device will help you to record all the musical tunes you desire to create. This way you can use specific tunes for music creation and discard the ones that are not required.

The features and functionality of T8 wristband and glove

Remidi T8

Coming back to the wristband, it is designed to remain in close contact with the sensor-integrated hand glove. It uses magnets to stay connected with the glove, which is made of a flexible, double layer of Spandex. The glove features nearly eight trigger zones that are sensitive to even the slightest pressure put by your fingers or palm. While five trigger zones are present in each finger of the glove, three are present in its palm area.

These pressure-sensitive sections can be triggered by the user while using different mid-air hand gestures, as well as tapping against a wall, a desk, or any other nearby object. Different hand movements will be able to produce varied instrumental sounds as those of drums, bass, guitars, etc. Each sound or note can further be modified and improved on the software running on your computer or smartphone. According to the makers of the T8 musical hand glove, the smart glove is able to work even if your hands are sweaty. This is because humidity will have no effect on its functioning.

Thus, forget all 3D-printed components and invest in Remidi T8 hand glove for creating the desired music anytime, anywhere. Add a zing to your live performance too and impress your audience.

Remidi T8 is a highly effective and accurate wearable musical instrument that can help you create accurate musical sounds using pressure-causing hand gestures. With T8, you can compose your new songs or prepare for your next live performance with appealing custom music.

Source : KickStarter.Com

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