Black Element Cyclone pro-gaming mouse flaunts detachable cooling fan

Just to allow your right hand that breathing space and help it move freely over computer table, the Taiwanese peripheral maker Thermaltake has devised and created a gaming mouse that relieves “your gaming tension and sweat” when you need it most. Claimed to be the world’s first gaming mouse with cooling fan, the Black Element Cyclone edition will help you glide smoothly through your extensive gaming sessions.

Spotted at Kotaku, the sexy gaming mouse exudes extreme comfort to soothe and cool off your perspiring fingers. When you don’t feel like aerating your hand, you may unplug the fan device from the mouse as it’s fully detachable. Ergonomic body curve and military-grade coating technology join forces to ensure “comfortable grip and smooth handling.” Equipped with DPI 6500 Laser Sensor Engine, the Cyclone edition won’t let you down on performance part either.

The 22.5g device is designed to suit different gamers simultaneously. FPS or MMORPG gamers can shell out those surplus grams by removing 4.5g plates from the cover plate that hides itself at the bottom of device. Moreover, it’s one of the most silent mouse available since it generates 21.7dB of noise only.

Source: Tt eSports (Product Page)


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