How your smartphone has already replaced your laptop

You probably love working on your laptop and think that a smartphone can never replace the comfort of your portable PC. Think again, there are certain things you are more comfortable doing on a smart phone rather than a laptop.

Checking mail

Google Plus application on Apple iPhone 5S

Isn’t it obvious that checking mail on the go is easier on a smartphone rather than a lappy. You don’t have to take in out of your bag, switch it on, wait, connect to the internet and then open the browser to see the mail. A notification on the top of the screen informs you of an incoming mail on your smartphone. A simple vibration alerts you about the message. You simply pull out your phone and type in a reply.

Playing games

games on mobile

With the advancement in technology, the technical specifications of smart phones have come a big way. With the ability to compute fast and handle graphics well, all sorts of games can be played on smart phones. Features like a big screen, touch screen, awesome audio output and motion sensitivity make them a preferred choice.

Not that all this is absent on a PC, again with all these awesome features could be carried in your pocket, won’t you prefer that? Moreover, different platforms are offering a variety of amazing games free, what else do you need then?

Connecting to a keyboard

Pretty young woman using mobile phone

Many people claimed that typing large amounts of information was not possible on a smartphone. You could just use a single finger to key in the information and that was time consuming. Well, the smart phones these days can connect to the bigger keyboards via Bluetooth. Attach a Bluetooth keyboard and type as much as you want and even play games on your smart phone through it.

Sufficient storage

additional memory

You can buy an iPhone with different memory size, depending upon your requirement. The latest and the higher end ones have memory up to 128 GB. Look at the Android devices they come with a decent amount of memory and you can always top that up with additional memory. A lot of laptops like the Ultrabook (entry level) have the same amount of storage.

There are many tasks for which we were dependant on a laptop or a PC, and now we can perform those tasks on a smart phone, the above listed features are merely a few of them.

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