Cintiq 24HD touch, Cintiq 22HD offer natural pen-on-screen experience

Not satisfied with the Cintiq 22HD anymore, folks at Wacom have announced the advent of their 24HD pen display. The latest entrant, christened as 24HD Touch, combines Wacom’s multi-touch with Cintiq’s renowned pen technology. The Cintiq 24HD touch helps users to access creative software applications effortlessly. Corel’s latest Painter 12.2 update provides support for Wacom’s advanced multi-touch and a harmonious digital painting experience to artists. Professionals, such as photographers, graphic designers, video and film editors, animators and game developers, will benefit from the extensive choice of 1.07 billion colors and 97 percent of Adobe’s color gamut.

As with the Cintiq 24HD, professionals working long hours will appreciate the counter-weighted stand that adjusts to their favorite positions for maximum comfort. In addition, frequently used shortcut commands are available at the user’s fingertips through the application-specific, customizable ExpressKeys and Touch Rings of the Cintiq 24HD touch. Employing these shortcuts can save valuable time by minimizing keyboard dependency.

The Cintiq 22HD offers unique pen-on-screen experience to those who prefer to swivel their entire display. With Wacom’s new Cintiq 22HD widescreen interactive pen display, illustrators, designers and artists can interact with their artwork on a more personal level. To improve workflow and creative output, the Cintiq 22HD offers eight customizable, application-specific ExpressKeys located on each side of the display’s bezel. Additionally, user-defined Touch Strips, conveniently placed on the back of each side of the display, can be used for such functions as zoom, scroll, brush size and canvas rotation.

Priced at $1999 USD, the Cintiq 22HD will be available after July 10, 2012; the Cintiq 22HD and Cintiq 24HD Touch is expected to ship in August.

Via: Press Release

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