BraceNet has started a new revolution in the world of music

There are so many convenient ways to listen to our favorite musical tracks that we hardly consider the necessity of a newer device. However, innovation never stops. BraceNet is a good example of one such tech innovation. When radio broadcast is aired by different radio stations the listeners get to hear random musical numbers according to their desire. The BraceNet has been developed on a similar and simple technological principle. It is basically a spontaneous sound trade system that runs using NFC system.

Connecting through music and NFC

 BraceNet 2

The users of BraceNet can wear it on their wrist and listen to various musical tracks from the compatible devices of others. BraceNet is an amusing sound catcher. It is compatible with almost all types of musical devices. Which means users can get to enjoy a more enthralling musical experience through it. This new style of music players are bound to bring a sort of revolution into the world inhabited by music lovers. This device gives a chance to us for connecting with other music lovers around us and exploring different genres of music.

Fun on the go

BraceNet 1

BraceNet is ideal for those who want to listen to a variety of songs and like to share music. By putting on this device the listeners will be able to instantaneously listen to various musical numbers on their personal network because it will catch any music that is being played by other musical devices near it via NFC. The sound quality that this device offers will depend on the proximity of the device from which it is borrowing music. It can be exciting to use this device while traveling because you will get to choose from myriad different sound tracks.

How it works?

BraceNet 3

BraceNet has a USB slot through which data can be transmitted using a USB connector. The users have to charge this device with the help of USB port. There is a touch sensitive scroll wheel can be moved with the help of just a finger for controlling the sound volume.

Users can rewind a track or go back to the menu by pressing the buttons at the rim of the scroll wheel. Below the scroll wheel there are some symbols that let users control message, locking/ unlocking, network, and privacy off the network and check the state of the battery.

BraceNet is an amazing bracelet like device which helps in borrowing music from other musical devices around it through NFC.

Source : Behance.Net

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