All about 4K and Ultra HD TVs that you need to know

 All about 4K and Ultra HD TVs that you need to know


The hype and hullabaloo about a new technology is comparatively short lived these days as newer and better technologies are quickly replacing their predecessors. Along with hand held machines like smartphones, the entertaining devices are also evolving at a fast pace. Every year there is new kind of television in the market, armored with advanced technology and astounding features. New bloke in the block is the 4K TVs which is known by several names such as UHD, Ultra HD and Ultra High Definition. All the big TV manufacturing companies have launched 4K TVs but if you still haven’t got one then read on to find more about this new technology.


What is 4K and why should you buy it!


The basic reason why everyone around is going gaga over 4K TVs is that it offers more pixels. When we buy television the first thing that concerns us is the picture quality it offers. More pixels mean better and sharper picture quality. Just as the Mini USB CPU Cooling Fan   is preferred for quicker extraction of hot air from your running systems, the 4K TVs are preferred for better quality picture and sound. The normal HD TVs offer about 1080p whereas the Ultra HD TVs offer 8 million pixels or 4times more pixels to the viewers. You can of course imagine the difference this will bring to your daily dose of entertainment.


Why do we call them 4K?


The images you get with an Ultra HD television are around 4000 pixels wide. In case of 1080 resolution the name has been given according to image height but in case of 4K televisions the name has been derived from image width. The width makes viewing experience even better.


You should take the plunge


You need to dole out a hefty amount for getting a 4K television for your home but the money is worth it. Better picture quality means you will be able to notice minute details and enjoyment will soar upwards. 4K TVs engage viewers in a better manner than its predecessors. You need not have huge wall space as the size of TV sets will remain within 70 inches. The 4K televisions are ideal for watching sports matches, documentaries and wildlife adventures. It also enhances the experience of watching movies. You should also use Capacity Tester which shows USB charging current and voltage whenever you need to know.


Which one should you buy?


Of course with so many options you can feel confused as to which one will be apt for your home and worth your money. Panasonic has launched some good quality 4K TVs. You can try its Panasonic TX 50CX802 or TX 55AX902, Sony KD 75X9405C, LG 55EG960V and Samsung UE65JS9000. The manufacturers are offering plenty of options in curved and flat screens and installing Ultra High Definition in sleek bodies for making them even more attractive.


The 4K TVs are good choice for your home if money is not a concern. You may also choose to wait a few more months for the next upgrade in entertainment technology.



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