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It is true that Smartphones, tablets and laptops have reduced the importance of PC and desktops but PC games are still loved by the hard core gamers. The game makers are trying to appease the hunger for newer and better gaming experience by creating intricate games with spiced up storylines. The main feature of modern PC games is a strong and complex plot. The characters have a background and special characteristics. This makes gaming experience quite similar to that of reading fiction or watching movies. Lets find out which are the most popular and well made PC games for year 2015.


Grand Theft Auto V


This PC game has got rave reviews from even the strictest critics of our world. The maker, Rockstar, has given meticulous attention to the details for recreating Los Angeles virtually. As multiplayer games are popular at this instant, the Grand Theft Auto V too offers the option to go online and share the gaming experience with your friends. This game has got a neat storyline and co-op heists which will give plenty of adrenaline rush. The best thing is that you can change your character and choose to play the part of any of the three protagonists.


 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


This enthralling PC game is probably in its way to become the top RPG of 2015. It is also the most popular PC game of the Witcher series till date. The makers have created it with a wide vision and there is plenty of scope and options. The storyline involves a number of mysteries that players have to uncover. The gamers have to make tough decisions and in the next rounds their choices will keep on haunting them. Every choice and step will have some ominous impact on your gaming fortune. This game is so full of twists and turns that you would not mind cutting yourself off from the human society for a week. For playing such an interesting PC game you should try the latest 7 Buttons LED USB Wired Gaming Mouse



Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward


Around four million people are already hooked to this addictive PC game’s MMO. Heavensward takes you to an entirely new world. A new race has been created and players are given three professions. The story takes quick turns to completely shock players and increase their anxiety. The Warriors of Light will travel to Ishgard for revealing some ancient truths. They will try to lift the darkness that shrouds the city state.


Her Story


If you are fond of crime fiction and psychological thrillers then Her Story is the game that you should try. Her Story provides a huge base of video footage and crime reports. You have to solve cases from the videos and statements of convicts without any other help.




The new age PC games are challenging the wits of gamers. Some games are interactive and some offer multiplayer option. Most modern games have complicated plots for keeping the gamers engrossed.



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