CES 2015 TVs that turned the niche bright and colorful

Every year at CES trade show, many stunning TV’s are introduced supporting latest technology and having unique features. The show lived up to the expectations of people this year also. CES came up with so many this year having spectacular features making it worth buying. So here are some of them that are unique and ready to amaze people.

Sling TV


Sling TV offers all the channels that people love to watch like ESPN, AXN, HBO, CN, Disney channel and many more. It offers a chance to select a package of choice like food package, sports package. Sling TV is a perfect substitute to cable. Costing around $20 per month, it easily beats cable that costs around $80. Its cheap price is surely advantageous. This gadget is mainly appealing to people who love to watch sports. As a viewing option, it stands in an area with tough competition, but Sling TV seems to have taken that into account and is all set to stand its ground.

Samsung 8K Glasses free TV

Samsung 8K Glasses free TV

Samsung’s 8K glasses free TV managed to gather maximum crowd around it. This 8K TV is an amazing creation that allows watching 3D without wearing glasses. It is a good experience as everything one watch looks quite natural. Moreover, it has a gigantic size over 100 inches that allows a better display than any other normal TV.

It offers perfect HD display that adds quality to the 3D screen. But one can only enjoy 3D standing in front of the TV, while others watching from other sides will not experience the same. This is a problem that has continued to plague 3D TV for a while now, and hopefully, we will really see a solution soon to match the growth of technology.

Razer’s Forge TV

Razer’s Forge TV

Razer’s Forge TV comes with several games installed into it. It offers game controllers allowing four people to play games simultaneously. Forge is a perfect combo of Android TV and PC gaming offering people to enjoy both TV and games. Even streaming online PC games is possible through Razer’s Forge. Easy to use, it comes with audio searchable feature to search movies, songs, games and anything else just by voice. So this invention of Razor is a perfect device for games lover.


If one wants to see how fast technology is changing, can get the experience from CES in Vegas. Along with many other gadgets, TVs introduced this year attracted many people out there at Vegas.

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