Apple iWatch concepts that imagined Apple’s latest gadget offering

Watches have always fascinated us with their great designs and comfort of seeing time. With this new age comes the upgrade of the way watches have always functioned, as we now look to smartwatches. Several tech companies have come with their ideas and iterations of the smartwatch. Like most of Apple’s products, there was a healthy market of debate about what the expected Apple smartwatch would offer. Well, the watch is out now, and it would be a nice exercise to see how designers imagined the watch, and how close they really were.iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton

Todd Hamilton

Todd Hamilton design includes a curved touch screen display consisting of four icons along with a page controller that lies on the right of the watch. It is used swipe through pages of the app. Though the display is limited, it has advantage of not over flowing the data, unlike other smartwatches.

iWatch concept by Zach King

Zach King

The concept of Zach King consists of no gears and screws; it just opens a world of holographic images. All you need is to swipe the fingers and the apps will automatically open in the air instead of being displayed on the metal surface of the watch. It provides you every facility from video call, health stats, and security features.

iWatch concept by Antorio Derosa

Antorio Derosa

The surface of the watch designed by Antorio Derosa is curved and interactive. The idea of giving the look of an ordinary watch but making its lively appearance with a touch screen and power buttons along with volume control gives it a look of modern smart phone.

iWatch concept byTolga Tuncer_1

Tolga Tuncer

The concept of Tolga Tuncer is based on solar powered charging. The watch is not touch enabled with 3.3cm wide, seems part of the Macbook family, and may not fit in every wearer’s wrist.

iWatch concept by Stephen Olmstead

Stephen Olmstead

The design concept of Stephen Olmstead serves a classic and timeless look. The design includes e-ink screen with two speakers lying below side of the watch and a camera on the top of the screen. In order to use the apps you can use the two buttons to switch between these apps.

iWatch concept by Pavel Simeonov

Pavel Simeonov

Imagine an iPhone that you can strap onto your wrist. This concept among all the other concepts has the largest screen, which will provide you the flexibility to watch videos, video chat with your friends and many more applications.  However, the main problem that might occur is how it is going to fit on the wrist.


Concepts are the base of any designs and for any product to be successful. The iWatch concepts are the best accompanied with great features, and show us what smartwatch technology might hold in the future.

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