Food Shopping Made Smarter With SCiO Chemical Scanner

Innovation and technological changes have brothe name of SCiO, which literally is a spectrometer in your hand. The SCiO literally puts a spectrometer in the palm of your hand. With the help of SCiO you can now figure out the chemical content in drugs, food and other substances while scanning them.

SCiO Chemical Scanner

SCiO looks like a USB device, but it holds some state of the art material analysis technology as it is a compact spectrometer that can just analyse the chemical content inside any object by simply pointing to it.

The SCiO makes use of near-infrared spectroscopy, as the near infrared light penetrates the subject through a short distance before it reflects back. As the light reflects back to the spectrometer, then the sensor inside the device analyzes the light to see the molecules that were not reflected back.

Despite the fact that the SCiO is capable of scanning and analyzing everything, most of people fail to comprehend the raw molecular data that it releases. This has led to a team at Consumer Physics to compile a database containing scanning information of hundreds of objects and this information can then be provided to anyone who might scan a similar object.

SCiO Chemical Scanner_5

The present applications for SCiO encompass the analysis of the nutritional and caloric content of food, determining plant health, and prescription medication or when the fruit would ripen. The latter is now commonly being used in agricultural functions in order to find out the suitable time for harvest and to assess crop health.

“We wanted to find applications where people have the most visceral connection to the world,” statesConsumer Physics CEO Dror Sharon. Sharon is also of the belief that SCiO would be able to work in saving lives of people by finding out counterfeit medication or contaminated food. The police could also use it at the scene of crime to analyse unknown substance. The SCiO could be a little less accurate than the mass spectrometer, yet it can get results instantly. Sharon believes that the SCiO could change the world in many different ways and in many different applications. In the near future, this device could be used to determine the nutrients present in soil, analyse the fuel tank or even analyse the inside of the human body.

At present near-infrared spectroscopy is used in the medical field with the larger more expensive fMRI scanners that analyze blood flow to different parts of the brain, without the need of medical invasion. SCiO could eventually become a portable technology that could affect our lives in many different ways through multiple applications.

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