NASA investigates about health of the crew during space mission

NASA is now preparing for its biggest aim and that is space exploration, in Mars. NASA is now sending humans to Mars. Human resource program (HRP) of NASA with NSBRI (National Space Biomedical Research Institute) are now funding around 26 proposals related to health of the astronauts during space missions.

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Science and Technology experts review these 26 proposals, selected from 16 institutions in eight states. Out of these 26 proposals, NASA and NSBRI will manage 21 and 5 proposals respectively. These proposals will investigate about the environment and various other aspects of astronaut’s health while being in space.

This investigation by HRP and NSBRI provides knowledge and techniques that may help in improving the health of the astronauts during the exploration in space. Not just health, the investigation is also aimed at finding solutions to every single problem faced by astronauts while they are on space mission. The missions on which NASA sends astronauts to space require them to be in good health so that they could perform the challenging tasks well.

The conditions like Zero gravity in space exert a negative influence over the health of astronauts. Like they can lose muscle and bone density, and some other detrimental effects on their inner body system tend to occur. Sometimes these effects can affect the health so much that the whole mission can turn into a failure. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to monitor every single aspect well and to take all the needed precautions for sustaining good health. The most appropriate way can be to take a pre-flight physical health test and develop a proper approach to the health performance in space.

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During the spaceflight health and performance of the astronaut is measured and strategies are build to investigate the health risks. System developers can use the techniques to monitor risks and to develop an antidote for potent risks.

Some of the emergency conditions that have occurred in spaceflight are space sickness, motion sickness, headache, sleeplessness, backache, trauma, burns, musculoskeletal conditions, and respiratory illness. Radiations may also affect the health of crew in spaceflight.

NSBRI and HRP projects are running across US in 60 institutions. The main purpose of these projects is to study several aspects of health and performance of the astronauts during the spaceflight.


NASA has investigated several aspects of health related issues in the spaceflight and is now preparing for the next space exploration mission. Around 26 proposals are there for the health related aspects for which HRP and NSBRI are funding. This investigation will definitely help to improve the health performance of crew in various space missions.

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