Unique, cheap and simple to use low-tech inventions

Many low-tech inventions are useful for the common people and provide cost effective solution for many different problems. The unique thing about them is that they are simple to use and very cheap. Let us look at five such innovative inventions, which are attracting attention of people.

 Adjustable Glasses

Adjustable Glasses:

These innovative glasses let the wearer tune them on their own. The aim of the inventor is to make these glasses available to poor people who cannot afford have glasses. On the inside of the plastic lenses there are 2 circular sacs which contain a fluid and both the lenses are linked with a small syringe that is attached with spectacle’s arms. Wearer can adjust syringe’s dial for adding or reducing fluid inside the sacs, which in turn changes power of the lens.

 Non-electrical Refrigerator

Non-electrical Refrigerator:

This refrigerator works with a very simple method that does not require electricity and is very cheap as well as easy to make. Keep a smaller pot inside another larger pot, add wet sand in the space between the pots and use a wet cloth to cover the top. As water evaporates, it takes out the heat with it and makes inside cold. It is seen that they are capable to cooling food at around fifteen to twenty degrees Celsius below the ambient temperature and useful in climates, which are dry, hot and non-humid.

 Amphibious Bike

Amphibious Bike:

This floating bike has eight water buckets that work like pontoons and there are adjustable vane wheels, which drive the bike. Using this bike, you can ride on land as well as water.

 Eye Contact Mirror

Eye Contact Mirror:

During video conference using web cam, most of the time it is seen that the participants do not make eye contact. Instead of focusing on the camera, people tend to look at the screen that prevents eye contact with the other person. The device consists of glass having mirror foil, cardboard and mirror to create a similar effect that is created by Teleprompters for new readers on television.



These are low cost hearing aids, which are like cups worn on ears with side scoops to grab the sound from outside straight into your ear in a similar fashion that signals are focused into antenna by the satellite dish. It works nicely as hearing enhancement for those speaking at some loud space or for people with minimal hearing loss.


These low cost inventions are certainly unique and work as useful utilities for the common people. They are simple to use and help to make life easier for many of us.

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