Rungu Fat trike

Delicate tires

With their immense, delicate tires that permit them to “buoy” over snow and sand,fat bikes have encountered a surge in fame over the past few years. Last December, British globe-trotter Maria Leijerstam took things above and beyond, utilizing a custom fat trike to ride to the South Pole. Notwithstanding, California-based Standard Bearer Machines is putting forth a fat-trike of its own, known as the Rungu.


Dissimilar to Leijerstam’s supine trike, the Rungu is an upright

While the advantages and disadvantages of recumbents versus uprights could be (and are) faced off regarding unendingly, the fashioners of the Rungu guarantee that their design offers preferred accelerating effectiveness over a prostrate.

As could be seen in the photographs, it’s a tadpole trike, in which the single wheel is in the back. A controlling linkage framework permits the two front wheels to turn together.


In this way, what’s the point?

Actually, the father and child group who created the Rungu found that when transporting surfboards over the sand on an accepted two-wheeler, dependability was an issue.

The double front wheels spread the weight out more extensive, serving to keep the bike and rider upright. The trike can likewise allegedly ascend short flights of steps without breaking a sweat.

That said, while the Rungu may without a doubt make a great beach two wheeler, its convenience on single track trails would apparently be constrained – it would seem that the two front wheels may straddle the trail as opposed to staying focused on it.


There are really two models of Rungu

The Juggernaut (above) characteristics fat 26 x 4.7-inch tires all around, and is planned generally for utilization on the universal sand and snow. It weighs 55 lb (25kg).

The Kilimanjaro still has a flat tire in the back, however uses skinnier 29 x 2.5-inch tires in the front, alongside 100-mm Rockshox curl spring suspension forks. It’s planned more for utilization out and about or hard-stuffed earth, wherespeed and readiness are to a greater extent a variable than having a wide foot shaped impression. It weighs 53lb (24kg).

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