Top features of Google Nexus 5

Android 4.4 Kitkat is likewise a great overhaul to the working framework, which brings enhanced execution and more characteristics, as well as is the first stock rendition of Android to look legitimately magnetic. We regularly wouldn’t fret when Sony, Motorola and Samsung, for instance, add custom skins to their Android manufactures, yet we favor the way 4.4 looks to any custom rendition of the OS. For all the more on Android 4.4, see the segment underneath.



The Nexus 5 has a 5in 1,920×1080 presentation, which is quick turning into the standard for high-end cell phones. We battled to discover shortcoming with the IPS board. Whites are unadulterated, content is super-sharp, and the touch screen surface has barely the perfect measure of imperviousness to finger dragging to make it a delight to utilize.

Side by side with the exact best screens, for example, the AMOLED board of the Nokia Lumia 925, the Nexus 5’s showcase has more level differentiation and less immersed colors; however thinking about screens of this quality only descends to dwelling on silly trifles.



The telephone’s quad-center processor runs at 2.2 GHz, and prompts genuinely smart execution.

The Nexus 5 finished the Sunspider Javascript benchmark in 706ms – faster than even the Sony Xperia Z1, our past Android Sunspider champion. It likewise dealt with a tremendous 17,496 in the 3dmark unlimited benchmark, which is up there with the Z1 for 3d execution; attractive 3d diversions, for example, Real Racing 3 ran delightfully.

Nexus 5 angled-580-100


With benchmark figures like these, it’s no astonish that the Google Nexus 5 runs Android 4.4 flawlessly (as of late marginally overhauled to 4.4.2, see underneath), tearing through menus, opening applications and panning around website pages with seldom a faltering. Android 4.4 is without a doubt the most engaging form yet of Google’s working framework.

The upgraded, bigger symbols, more up to date packed fonts and colored foundations make it look much more like a buyer interface than an architect’s toy; stock Android has now made up for lost time with the custom versions from Sony and Motorola.

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