Apple I phone 6- What makes it a different gadget

The Apple I phone 6 is  expected to be launched  during the fall. Its launch has been garnering huge speculation even before the release date has been officially confirmed.  The various features which it is  expected to have are as follows-



It is much more intelligent and boasts of a sensor embedded technology. This feature will help the user draw lines and shapes of different widths very easily. The length of the nib will determine the width of the line or figure which is being drawn on the screen. The nib is  extendable and is sensitive to touch .

Thus facilitating multi –touch  features of display. For the time being this technology is being termed as the ‘input device having external nib’ .  A variety of configurations are on offer in the nib.  Sensors for detecting colors and motion are also provided in this phone and this makes the  colors look real.



This phone has a longer battery life because a new technology  which studies the pattern of the usage of the phone by the user and then and acts accordingly to ensure maximum usage of the battery.  Thus the overall performance is greatly boosted. This in built technology helps taking a close look at the charging and discharging  patterns of the phone. It is intelligent enough to predict what the user might do next  with the phone.

This great feature ensures in keeping the brightness level of the screen  and CPU clock speed at the correct level. Thus optimum use of battery is guaranteed.



Just like Samsung Galaxy S 5, this phone too will come with a health monitoring system.  The sensors of this phone will help in checking the health of the user. It has been termed as ‘healthbook’ . It will help in scrutinizing the fitness level of the user and also suggest suitable exercise patterns or routines for the user after making a thorough check of his / her health.  The users can keep a track of their blood pressure, body weight , blood sugar  and many other vital parameters of the human body.

Thus it is indeed a great buy . The phone will serve as an overall manager for all your tasks as well as keep a track of your health on a daily basis. It is a gem in the world of phones.

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