Hi-tech loudest speakers and subwoofers available in the market

Loud music makes our heart thump and it pumps the blood faster through our veins. Some of us really love to party with loud music that makes them forget the rest of the world. Keeping in mind the demand of the buyers some super loud speakers and subwoofers have been designed. These speakers and subwoofers are best suited for parties but you can also use them at home for catching every thump of the musical beats. In the following the top loudest speakers and subwoofers have been listed for your help.


Competition Pro TL 2691:

The TL 2691 is probably the best 6X9 loud speaker available in the market. It is immensely powerful and produces crisp, high volume sound. It has 92.01db sensitivity. Even when you put the speaker on at its highest level of sensitivity the distortion of sound stays minimal. The air induction pole piece inside this device makes it flexible and helps it capture bass sounds.


Paradigm Sub 2 Subwoofer:

Paradigm has been in the business for a long time and they already have a huge clientele. There recent launch is the Sub 2 Subwoofer that has six low distortion drivers. At 10Hz, it churns out a sound of 112db. It is capable of producing 4,500 watts of power non-stop for a long time. However, the only disadvantage of this high quality subwoofer is its extremely high price. You can get it for a steep $11,300 from the market.


Matterhorn by Danley Sound Labs:

This is really a gigantic sound amplifier system. It has 40 drivers and looks like a virtual wall of sound. Each of the 40 amplifiers produces 1000 watts of sound energy. The wall of sound produced by Danley Sound Labs also has a built in generator.


9918Z by Digital Designs:

Digital Designs have marketed the 9918Z sound system, which has an eighteen-inch long subwoofer. The Four Stetsom KD amplifiers are capable of producing 26,000watts of power.


The 60 inch Subwoofers:

Mark Eldridge, Richard Clark and David Navone have together built the 60-inch Subwoofers. This subwoofer can produce 188db sound. The motor can produce 6,000 pounds of linear force.

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