Five gadgets that our kids will never use in future

Time changes very fast and with it technology changes too. The technological innovations of today that seem to be extraordinary to us will not even be used by our grandkids. They will have even better user interfaces and devices for making daily life more hassle free. There are some devices and gadgets that we adored and loved but our kids will probably never know about them. In the following, we have listed five such gadgets.

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Landline Telephones:

There was a time when having a landline telephone was considered a luxury. It was a symbol of social status. The advent of cellular phones and internet slowly diminished the necessity of landline telephones. Most modern homes do not have landline telephones and even if they have one, no one uses the landline for personal communication. Our kids will probably not even install a landline telephone, as better communication devices will soon come into the market and wipeout them.


Phone Digits:

The necessity of memorizing the phone number of your current love interest is already outdated and soon phone numbers will become obsolete. We can now save the phone numbers of all our vital contacts. Skype, Google Chat and social media sites have changed the way we connect and interact. Our kids will use VoIP technology in different ways to communicate internationally. A user name is all we need to get started.


Optical Discs:

CDs and DVDs are silently going out of use. Physical media will soon become obsolete and our kids will jeer at us for using them when they grow up. Cloud services can store all our projects, files, movies, music and documents. Soon this technology will become more useful, flexible and available.


Facsimile Machines:

Fax machines were used extensively for sending and receiving important documents. Now we can easily send and receive signed documents via email. Our kids will be able to digitally sign documents and never even give Facsimile machines a single thought.


Movie Houses:

There seems to be no need to visit the movie theaters or Cinema halls as home theaters of high quality have been launched in the market. A time will come soon when people will install home theaters instead of going out for a movie. For this, cheaper home theater and sound systems have to be manufactured.

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