Five stunning water powered gadgets for the eco conscious

As the non-renewable sources of energy continue to diminish the future exists in tapping into eco-conscious renewable sources of energy that are clean and efficient. In last few years governments across the globe have shown intent to invest more in such sources, however, we as individuals too need to take initiative and introduce more eco-friendly ways to consume energy in our daily lives. Water is one of the most important sources of energy which has been powering our turbines but it can also serve as a power source for many gadgets we use at home. We look at five such brilliant ideas that use water as their fuel.

Bedol Clock

Bedol clock runs on nothing but on water with a small dash of lemon juice added to it. What makes it truly “tick” is the internal formation of a galvanic cell due to chemical reaction between water and lemon juice. Once, filled the clock runs for 8-12 weeks without a refill and even if it comes to a halt an internal built-in memory chip keeps track of time. The Bedol comes in a multitude of transparent glittering colors and really looks cool. Moreover, it is a highly affordable clock priced at $16 given to the fact that you don’t need to invest in batteries any more.


Horizon Hydrofill

Horizon Hydrofill can be regarded as your mini hydrogen generator at home. Hydrofill extracts hydrogen from water through electrolysis and stores it in a Hydrostick cartridge. A 60 W DC power can extract 10 litre of hydrogen in one hour and fill a cartridge. You can charge your phone, tablets and other gadgets through the cartridge. The electrolysis of water produces no pollutants and the cartridges can be even charged through solar panels. The generator is priced at $600 with each cartridge coming at a price of $150.

NoPoPo battery

In case you’re thinking NoPoPo is yet another weird Japanese name you’re wrong. NoPoPo stands for (No Pollution Power) and truly so this battery serves this purpose by running on your last night party’s left over beer or in case you don’t have water at home it can even harness your pee (No kidding!). I wonder if Bear Grylls was using these in ones in of his sojourns through a barren desert. Jokes apart, these batteries can survive up to 10 years and comes at price of $26.


Jetlev Flyer

A water propelled jetpack, Jetlev flyer can help you literally fly over a water body. You can learn all your moves in six minutes and is a much more eco-friendly than conventional jetpacks. You can go as high as 30 feet with a cruising duration of about 2 hours.


Water powered calculator

Calculators may be out of fashion but are not as yet redundant. The calculator runs on just any electrolytic liquid and can run for about month on a refill. It comes in glittering blue and silver and is a funky gadget to get hold to. All you need to do is shell out $20 to get one.

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