Five weird headphones you might not want to wear on to look stupid

Headphones can be a lifesaver in many occasions of our lives. It can take us to sweet land of music and drown the unwanted and unpleasant noises around us. Over the years, headphones have undergone many avatars from the big ear hugging metal covers to the small and sleek modern day earphones. However, in the course of its evolution, there have been many instances where headphones took some of the oddest forms possible. So, here is a list of five weird headphone designs which will obviously allow you to listen to music uninterruptedly but will also make the people around you question your sanity:

  • Transformer headphones

In order to wear the Transformer headphones, being a big fan of Transformer is not enough because for this, you will have to be obsessed with the Transformer characters. However, another reason to wear these mini versions of these alien robots over your ears must be your secret wish to gain everyone’s attention around you regardless of what they think of you. So, for just $38, you can happily trade your sanity for these Transformer headphones in your nearest store or in the internet.

  • The Tron-inspired headphones

Imagine Tron in real life and you will get the picture. Yes, Tron doesn’t look normal in the real world and so are the Tron-inspired headphones. Introduced by Monster cable in collaboration with Disney, these extra-terrestrial Tron headphones looks uber-geeky at first sight and remain so for the rest of the sights as well.


  • Jeweled Skull earphones

An excellent item for the Goth lovers and some wannabe dangerous divas, these Jeweled Skull earphones have not been able to appeal to the larger audience consisting of normal peoples. However, school going teenagers in a rebellious stage might trade their souls for these earphones but even they will lose the attraction very soon.


  • Thriller headphones

These thriller headphones are a tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson’s thriller music videos. Manufactured by ATOM Creative and designed by Johnny Lighthands, this astounding headphone is a great way to demonstrate your devotion to MJ’s legendry musical career.

  • Cigarette pack headset

As if just smoking is not enough and you need other ways to demonstrate your love for cigarettes, the cigarette pack headset certainly looks weird. Designed for Samsung, Okia and Sony Ericsson mobiles, it is priced at just $6.79. However, if you want to annoy some hardcore anti-smoking activist, then this is the product for you with an added advantage of drowning their voices at the same time.

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