Five gadgets that could help maintain healthy long distance relationships

Long distance relationships or LDRs are hard for both the man and the woman. Most cannot stand the test of time and distance and relationships crumble. But science has stepped in once again to save the day! Here are five gadgets that could help maintain healthy long distance relationships:




This is the dream of every nerd all over the globe. The Kissenger allows you to send a kiss remotely to your significant other and simulates the feeling of his/her loving lips upon yours. The device has a globular structure and comes with pressure sensors and actuators. The device captures the pressure patterns from the person kissing and recreates the pattern via actuators on the device of the person being kissed. All is good with the concept, except the device looks like a pink pig from Angry Birds.

Pillow Talk

Sometimes all the video chats on Skype, all the expensive international phone calls, all the facebook posts and all the texts cannot alleviate the loneliness one feels when sleeping alone at night. Joanna Montgomery created Pillow Talk to solve this problem with couples. Both need to wear a special sensor ring and sleep on the special pillow and voila! They can hear their partner’s heartbeat. It’s a really special experience altogether – when the heartbeats put you to sleep and when distance no longer matters.


Taion Heart

Kissing…check! Listening to heartbeats…check! What’s left? Oh yes, holding hands! Trust Japan with come up with a solution for that. NTT DoCoMo, the largest mobile carrier in Japan, came up with the Taion Heart which employs the same principle as the Kissenger. The heart shaped device is connected via Bluetooth to a phone. When one heart is pressed the information is sent to the other half’s phone and in turn to his/her Heart device where it can be “felt”.


Hug Shirt

TIME magazine awarded this to be “one of the best inventions of the year” in 2006. It is a Bluetooth enabled shirt that is embedded with devices that can recreate and simulate warmth, pressure and heartbeat of the person you love. Just link the shirt to your smartphones and the two of you can send each other hugs or touches to specific areas. If you find this idea to be weird then you can always use the app “HugMe” to send a virtual hug over cyber space.

Well, you may try any of these gadgets and technologies to bring your better half closer than s/he actually is!

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