Best Home Security Gadgets to keep intruders at bay

The number of break-ins, robberies and murders are increasing day by day. We need to protect our home and make it safe for us and our children. Previously, a simple trigger alarm was the best protection people had against intruders. Technology has become more advanced and security companies have come up with new and ingenious ways to either deter or scare away intruders. Here are some of the best home security gadgets available:


Barking Dog Alarm

Guard dogs and intruders have never had a very amiable relationship. Burglars are always wary of a home which has a guard dog protecting it. But what if you don’t want to keep a dog? Here’s the solution. The Barking Dog Alarm is a cunning way to keep those pesky, canine-phobic intruders at bay. The alarm comes with motion sensors, which when triggered (by unwanted sources) emits guard dog sounds in three stages – warning growls, agitated barking and fierce attack barks – enough to scare even the hardened of intruders away!

Wireless Door Mat Alarm

Your ‘welcome’ door mat does not necessarily have to welcome any and all into your house. This wireless door mat alarm is a pressure sensitive sound landmine (that’s as close to describing it as we can get!). Place the door mat on possible entry points of the house. Any unwanted attempt at entry into the house will be announced in a blaring din – enough to wake up half the neighborhood!


Fog Shield

This is by far the spookiest burglar deterring gadget out there. The device comes with a trip wire mechanism, which when triggered, covers an area of 2000sqm with a dense cloud of mist within 15 seconds. Now it’s not meant to conceal your house but it will definitely scare the living daylights out of any unaware intruder.

Biometric Door Lock

Gone are the days of the numeric keypad door locks. These biometric door locks register fingerprints to allow access to the house. The security provided by them is sturdy and foolproof. They can remember several fingerprints and is battery powered. Repeated unauthorized attempts are logged and the fingerprints are sent to the nearest police station.


Window Wedge Alarm

The door and the fire escape are not the only possible entry points for a burglar. The windows are another vulnerability that needs to be taken care of. The Window Wedge Alarm system does just that. Activate the system and shut your window. Any and all attempts to budge the window or trying to open it will cause the shrill alarm to notify you and/or the neighbors that a nuisance is around.

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