Five smart and effective tripods for amateurs

You might have a good camera but that is not enough to get the best out of your gadget. Certain occasions such as shooting your friend’s wedding or capturing videos while travelling beckon an additional equipment i.e. tripod to give more stability to your camera. Below we list out 5 such out-of-the-box tripods that defy traditional designs and can be even used by amateurs.


Joby GorillaPod

GorillaPod is arguable one of the most dextrous and at the same time lightweight tripod available in the market. You can select the suitable GorillaPod for yourself based on your camera and this little monster can hold on to any surface whether it is a branch on a tree or your car’s wing mirrors. Its legs can bend and rotate at 360 degrees angle, while rubberized foots ensures that your tripod grips the surface at the bottom. You can select your GorillaPod whether you need it for a DSLR or a compact camera. The basic version comes at $19.95.

The Bottle Cap Tripod

If portability is your concern nothing beats the Bottle Cap tripod. Thanks to its Zen-like simplicity you can almost carry it in your pocket and plug-in to any sort of bottle (which we doubt you’re never short of) to get your favorite angle and elevation. This inventive ingenious tripod might not be much appreciated by the so-called pros but is a great tool for amateurs. At the top it all Bottle cap tripod avoids burning a hole in your pocket priced at a meagre $10.


Quick Pod DSLR

Quick Pod DSLR is one of the rare handheld DSLR monopods available in the market. Capable of holding weight up to 6 lbs the pod can extend from 18 inches to 53 inches helping you to take your picture with friends without always asking strangers for help. The monopod is made of airplane-grade aluminium which ensures the pod can not only hold the weight of your point-and-shoot cameras but also heavily built DSLR. It comes at a price of $35.50.

Steadicam Smoothee

Your iPhone is a pretty decent device to capture high-quality images and videos and Steadicam Smoothee just gives your iPhone the right equipment to capture more stable pictures as well as videos. The unit helps in considerably dampening the camera movements thanks to its patented design. Its quick-release removable mount can also serve as a table-top stand while it is light enough to be carried around. You can get the latest one for your iPhone 5 at a price of $149.95.


Sunpak Spider Leg Tripod

If you are looking for something cheap and yet effective, Sunpak Spider Leg tripod would be our first choice. Capable of holding compact as well as digital cameras the tri-pod itself is 5-inches long and weighs less than two ounces. It might cost a meagre $2.49, but comes with lifetime warranty.


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