Five unique gadgets for Star Wars fans

As we all know, Star Wars is an American epic space opera that has been converted into a movie series by George Lucas. The Star Wars trilogy has become a worldwide pop culture phenomenon later. It has not only won the hearts of the kids, but also it made adults go crazy. Gamers found Star Wars pretty exciting to play. Previously a lot of board, card, video, miniature, tabletop role on Star Wars were available in market. Though it did not get that popularity worldwide, it still existed. However, after the release of the trilogy, the demand of Star Wars characters and gadgets took a huge loop in market and every Star Wars fan wanted to own a gadget or another. The manufacturer’s took the repose positively and launched many Star Wars gadgets to increase their sales and revenue.

Let us discuss few highly selling gadgets, which have been the fans’ choice for a long time.



Lego R2-D2, a UCS Star Wars set released in May 2012 has already made its mark in toy gadget market. It is designed with a third leg which can be dropped with the help of a rear switch and a rotating dome head. The front panel present in it opens to display a buzz show and a computer linkage tool. The other attractions of this gadgets include, black photoreceptors, a red sensor, and an accurate blue, gray, and white color scheme, hologram recorder/transmitter and charger.

Scalextric Death Star Attack

If you are a diehard Star Wars fan, you are definitely going to long for the force powered car racing game, Scalextric Death Star Attack. This game will give you a real time car racing experience by providing you with an awesome pursuit battle game featuring a glow-in-the-dark track and illuminated X-Wing and TIE Fighter spaceships.


Hasbro Fx Lightsaber

Being a huge Star Wars fan, you must be dreaming to having Hasbro Fx Lightsaber in your collection. These are constructed with sturdy machined aluminum and injection molded plastics. This will help you live your dream of being a star fighter. It is manufactured for adults with a sturdy, removable blade with multiple displays.

Star Wars Xbox 360

Star Wars Xbox 360 is a gaming console manufactured by Microsoft, which will give you the pleasure of spending time with your favorite Star Wars characters in your living room, though they are unreal. This device includes a custom white sensor, which enables you immerse yourself into the Star Wars universe.


Star Wars Mimobot Flash Drive

Star Wars mimobot flash drives are manufactured especially for Star Wars fans. The flash drive comes with preloadedmimoByte sound software. It also comprises mimoDesk personalization suite of icons, avatars, wallpapers, and screensavers.

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