Five hilarious USB flash drives that will surprise you

No one can live without a flash drive. But if they are so quintessential to our existence why not make them something more than just a flash drive? Well! in case you always wished for one such flash drive we’re happy to inform you that there is no dearth of such freaky, out-of-the-box, hilarious flash drives than can scare you, amuse you or bewilder you. Below we list out five such flash drives.


USB Thumb Drive

This one reminds me of Angulimala from the days of Buddha who used to wear a necklace of fingers. No wonder people were scared like hell of Angulimala but imagine going to your girlfriend and taking out this “thumb” drive to get data out of her laptop. Well! There is no money back guarantee if people do not get scared but the possibility is that 99 out of 100 will submit to your bluff. This scary Halloween inspired thumb drive in fact is made of PVC which gives it more organic look and feel.

USB Nail

People wouldn’t believe you like to nail PCs and laptops with your Nail shaped USB flash memory. Just wonder if you didn’t have a USB port and it took plumbing skills to fix a USB into your computer just like a nail.  We know it sounds whacky but that it what it really intends to sound like. Just take this nail and grab a hammer while plugging this flash drive into your friend’s computer and do share your experience as to what happens next.


Grenade Flash Drive

In case you get surrounded by enemies or friends turned to foes there is a one secret weapon that can help you get out. Yes, we are talking about this grenade flash drive that opens just like a grenade and doesn’t explode on being thrown at your enemies. It may not explode but is good enough to give scare people around for a moment. Flinging it out to your neighbors in office who keep troubling you for a pen drive every now and then won’t be bad idea too.

Sushi Flash Drive

Sushi flash drive is well suited to foodies who always want something eatable in their sight (No! this one is not eatable). Get your hunger juices flowing and keep imagining about the last delicious Sushi you has at the nearest Japanese restaurant. Serve it on a plate or plug it to your computer is all up to you. This $49.99 rich in color Sushi drive certainly looks yummy.


Lightsaber USB drive

It’s certainly Darth Vader time with these lightsaber USB drives that come in green, pink and god knows what other feminine colors. Perhaps more suited to the she Darth Vaders these USB flash drive glow with brilliant colors on being plugged into your computer. Shell out $19.99 and become a part of Lucas legacy.

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