Ten innovative and strange MP3 Players

If you love music, MP3 player must be your favorite companion. This digital music player has revolutionized music industry. Now you can download any music you like, and listen to it whenever and wherever you want. Gone are the days of bulky cassette players, or older LP vinyl players. Today there are number of MP3 players of various sizes and, many a times, of funky designs to attract consumers. Some companies have embedded MP3 players on smart phones, sunglasses, and even watches. Here’s a look at some of the unusual, adventurous designs of MP3 players to amuse you.

  • Ladybug MP3 player

This unique MP3 player by Mark Honschke is specially made for children. Parents can record voice mail over the phone, which then is converted into an MP3 file and can be heard through retractable earphones. It can be attached to a belt, but if the child wants to place it on the desk for listening, it has retractable feet. The child can match the wings with his dress as spare wings come in variety of colors. It also has a slot for memory card for extra memory.

  • Thump 2 MP3 Sunglasses

These sunglasses by Oaklays are digital music eyewear. These sunglasses with 100 percent UV filtering are fitted with MP3 player of 1 GB memory. This cool piece allows transfer of not only MP3 files, but is compatible with AAC, WMA, and WAV as well. A USB cable is provided to charge the Thumps and to transfer files.


  • Hand Grenade MP3 Player

This functional Sansa 2 GB MP3 player is embedded in a decommissioned training hand-grenade by NYC Resistor hackers. It works perfectly and is very cool.

  • Wrist MP3 player

Wrist MP3 player designed by Nathan Davis is specially designed for runners. If you want to listen to music during your morning jogs without the discomforts of tangled mess of earphone cables, you will love this player. Attached to a silicon-lined armband, this player has a jog wheel that can be rotated to control the tracking of the song as well as volume. A Bluetooth headphone is used for the convenience of the runner.

  • Lover’s MP3 player

These two cute interlocking MP3 players can join to form a single red heart. If you and your sweetheart have different tastes in music, there is no need to squabble. With this beautiful heart, you can listen to different tracks as these players can be played separately. If there is fallout, you can keep your part, and listen to favorite your music.


  • Dog Tag MP3 Player

Dog Tag MP3 player from BenQ is part music player and part fashion accessory. This 512 MB or 1 GB player has built in micro SD card slot. It has very cool chain earphone cable. There is a ‘wings’ design for boys and a ‘magic bean’ design for girls, though you can be a rebel and pick up the other one if you like.

  • Swatch Infinity-MP3 Player

This ultra sleek wristwatch from Swatch comes with a built in MP3 player, video player/recorder, and a photo album. It has a LCD screen and built in camera. Designed by Pierre Merlet, this bracelet style watch has a removable face that can be detached to sync and recharge. The band is attached to a magnetic clasp to fit on your wrist perfectly.


  • Soundwave Transformers MP3 Player

All of us remember Soundwave from Transformers with special capability of transforming from a 20 feet robot to a little cassette player. Takara has remade this toy, which now transforms from robot into a tape desk that can be opened and fitted with mini SD card. You can listen to MP3 files on the card by plugging headphones. Soundwave plays music in both robot mode and cassette mode.

  • Cassette tape MP3 player

This retro looking MP3 player has a unique concept and design. If you have to forward or rewind song, you need to manually do it by rotating the spools. Rotating the spool charges the kinetic battery. This MP3 player has memory for 40/60/90 minues.


  • Music Flow from a faucet

This fun mp3 player looks like a faucet and hose. This uniquely designed player spews music from a faucet, which has matching ear buds and controls. The music flows from the tap just like water flows from the hose. Supply of water stops when the hose is pressed. When you slightly press the earphone, the music temporarily stops, and when you relinquish the earphone line, the music will start again. The tracks are stored in tap, which also works as a speaker. A knob controls the volume. Tap and knob can stick to whatever you like. It also comes equipped with a remote control that looks like waves.

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