iPhone 5 concept video shows off transparent AMOLED display

Involving no tricky, obscured undertones, transparency is a rare virtue nowadays. While humans will never recognize and reward it, some designers do. Dakota Adney is one such designer who has applied the idea of transparent screens into the ad video of the iPhone 5.  The rumored – conceived rather – concept phone flaunts a transparent screen, quite ‘visible’ in the concept video.

If we overlook some annoying situations that might arise owing to the creation of such a gadget, the hypothetical transparent AMOLED screen in the iPhone would be an awe-inspiring addition. The concept phone would bring colorful images and clear text to the transparent display. Definitely, a great plus for avid photographers, they could see through their iPhone 5 when capturing images. A built-in projector helps users “turn any surface into a virtual keyboard.”

iPhone fans might be distressed to know that this iPhone adaptation may never hit the production lines. However, the creator, Dakota Adney from AdneyFilms, deserves credit for envisioning one for sure. What do you say?

Via: Dvice

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