Minuum Touchscreen Keyboard to transform your typing experience


If you have ever bent backwards and tried hard to type smoothly on your touchscreen devices, then here is something really interesting to transmogrify your entire experience for better. Some creative folks over at Whirlscape have now designed an innovative touchscreen keyboard app entitled Minuum – which basically helps fat-fingered users type on a touchscreen with utmost ease and convenience.

Designed to be highly intuitive and effortless, the touchscreen text-entry software enables users to seamlessly type their texts or documents with peerless accuracy while at the same time shriveling their keyboard. The integrated ‘complex’ algorithm in Minuum not only allows for enhanced precision, but also trims down all the letters of the alphabet down to one line.

Featuring a neat, responsive interface, the keyboard app also functions effectively to eliminate visual clutter by condensing the letters even on the smallest of devices. So, while you type on your mobile device or touchscreen tablet, Minuum increases your typing accuracy and shrinks the usual three column layout of QWERTY keyboards down to a tidier structure towards the bottom of the display.

What’s more, the flexible Minuum also enables users to move the touchscreen keyboard around the screen. Hence, the flexible screen allows people to see only that part of the screen they are working on. The keyboard, which focuses primarily on rendering precision-entry for fat-fingered users, further completes the experience by integrating a revolutionary design, which can easily be adapted to a range of surfaces in a short span of time.

While the availability details are yet to be divulged, Whirlscape has rightly taken a leap in the mobile technology segment for users who seek convenient yet accurate typing on their super responsive touchscreen devices. So be it some smartphone, gaming console, or tablet, the new amazing Minuum definitely seems promising enough to enrich your experience with precision and comfort well intact.

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