Know your baby’s temperature with Pacifier thermometer


In case your newborn has been behaving strangely of late with sudden mood swings and loud cries, it’s time to be warned as he/she might not be in the best of his/her health. We have seen parents struggling to conclude whether something is wrong with their children or if they are just off-mood. The orthodox thermometers tend to help less in this regard as it is difficult to assimilate minute changes in temperature pattern of your kids.

A possible solution seems to be the 2011 winner of iF Concept Design award, named as Pacifier thermometer. Designed as a suckling for babies, the thermometer transitions from one color to another to signify fever in the baby. It comes in blue color, which also signifies normal temperature and changes from blue to purple to red, which means the baby is having fever. Given to the fact that infant’s inability to express regarding how they feel, the Pacifier thermometer can be a great way to infer their health. In case you are one of such parents, you can rest assured about your baby’s health.

The design comes from Sheng-hui Jia, Hai-lun Zhou, Zhen Liu and Jian Chen of Jiangnan University, Industrial Design Department , Wuxi, China. Notably, the students from Jiangnan University have won this award many times.

Unlike other awards that motivate imagination and creativity to any extent, iF awards focus on the simplicity as well as feasibility of a design. With a number of similar thermometers available already, don’t be surprised if you find one in the market soon enough.

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