Pickup Power to juice up your gadgets anywhere, anytime

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You may get a number of power solutions in the market to juice up your gadgets, but you can’t afford to buy a separate charger to meet your diverse needs, for purchasing different power solutions will not only burn a big hone in your pocket but also create a clutter of gadgets on your workstation. Providing a solution, Quirky has come up with a smart power solution called the “Pickup Power” that combines stationary, portable and USB power outlets in single unit to power all your gadgets.

Made using high gloss plastic with a silicone base, the Pickup Power includes three AC outlets and three USB outlets to keep your devices up and running. Measuring 278 x 75 x 25 mm (WDH) in dimensions, the tabletop power strip also incorporates a portable USB (4000 mah) battery to power your mobile gadgets on the go. All you need to do is push the battery down to let the spring-loaded mechanism elevate it up for easy access. Moreover, the battery comes with fold out wall plugs to charge it on the move, so you never run short of energy and stay connected all the time with the rest of the world.

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