Steelcase Gesture Office Chair bends according to your body posture

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair_01

Usually office chairs are not designed to bend according to the sitting posture of a particular user, rather users have to mold their postures according to the configuration of the chair. Providing a solution, Steelcase has come up with a flexible office chair dubbed the “Gesture” that not only bends according to the sitting posture of the user but also support their interactions with modern gadgets or technologies.

Inspired by the movement of the human body, the new office chair is designed for the way employees work today in modern workspaces. While sitting on an office chair, users keep changing their body posture, as they tilt back to use their tablet or Smartphone, stay upright to use a keyboard and bend forward for written work, which usually causes back pain. The new chair is developed to support the entire upper body and prevent back problems during extended work sessions.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Allowing users to sit in a range of postures with ease, the Gesture office chair integrates floating arms that users can adjust according to their body posture, which keeps changing throughout the day while working on an office desk or workstation.

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