Noise Reduction earphone lets you make or receive a call in noisy surroundings

Noise Reduction earphone

Regular earphones often become ineffective in deafening industrial environment, as users struggle to perceive sound clearly in noisy industrial units. Addressing the issue, designer Nicklas Ekstrand has come up with a masculine earphone that reduces the outside noise to let the user converse in noisy surroundings without any interruption.  The Noise Reduction earphone uses aluminum in the middle which makes it more robust to withstand rugged use.

Designed to be used in heavy industry environment, the robust earphone incorporates a mic right in the front, closer to the mouth, to make your response audible to the recipient, while a built-in flashlight makes it perfect to be used in dark places. Users need to press the handle down to respond a call, which they can do without removing their working gloves. Featuring noise reduction technology, the on-ear speaker can be swiveled to fit booth left and right ear with ease.

Noise Reduction earphone_01

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