Aero Sphere Fan presents a practical yet elegant design

aero sphere fan

Looking more like a sculpture, the “aero sphere fan” from IDEA label is a gen next circulator fan that features a curvaceous design to keep blades at a distance from your hand to ensure complete safety. Offering a practical yet elegant design, the new circulator fan comes with honeycomb-style cylindrical holes that spread the wind to all corners of the room.

Winner of the winner Red Dot “Best of the Best” award, the aero sphere fan offers three-stage air volume control, timer function and angle adjustment with a remote control. Measuring 211 × 211× 271mm (WHD) in dimensions, without stand, the aero sphere fan just weighs 1 kg.  Powered by AC Adopter, the circulator fan is available in black and white colors for just ¥8,400 ($90).

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