3D printed passive iPhone amplifier with credit card kickstand

Passive Amplifier for iPhone

Offering precision and flexibility, 3D printing has given a whole new meaning to product designing. Check out the latest 3D printed passive amplifier for iPhone 4 from Mark Simmons Design that not only looks elegant but also presents a compact design for users who simply love to listen to music on the go. Resting gracefully on credit card kickstand, the passive amplifier doesn’t require any additional electronics or power to allow amplified sound anytime anywhere.

Resembling a horn, the new iPhone amplifier uses internationally ubiquitous and standardized credit card, together with bank card, ID card, etc., to hold the device in an upright position. Nestling the iPhone elegantly within, the 3D printed passive amplifier can be place both in the portrait and landscape positions to amplify the iPhone’s internal speaker.

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