NailDisplay to bring an OLED screen at your fingertips


In an attempt to bring displays at your fingertips, engineers from the National Taiwan University in Taipei are working on interactive nails to let you interact with your Smartphone or tablet in a better way. Made using particular organic light-emitting materials, the interactive thumbnail can display fonts or characters hidden under thumb or fingers on an integrated OLED screen.

Worn on your thumbnail (or fingertips) like polish, the NailDisplay is essentially an OLED screen (96 x 64) that connects to the Smartphone to display the concealed information. As soon you touches the virtual display of you phone or tablet, the interactive nail displays the pressed key or digit on its screen to virtually let you see through the thumb or finger. Moreover, the scientists are exploring the possibility of its compatibility with multiple devices and eye-tracking software to enhance the user experience.

Via: The Verge

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