Circuit Board Wedding Invitation card for geeky couples

Circuit Board Wedding Invitation card_02

One cannot think of a better wedding invitation card than this circuit board invitation for the marriage of a geeky couple. Developed by a DIYer couple, Bill Porter and Mara, for their weeding, the Circuit Board Wedding Invitation is possibly the geekiest wedding invitation card ever. Made from microcontroller-powered blinking LEDs, light sensor and a small battery, the hi-tech invitation card remains in sleep-mode until the recipient opens it up to go through the date and venue.

As soon as you open the card, it illuminates to illustrate the text printed on the card. In addition, the Circuit Board Wedding Invitation card comes wrapped in an envelope with printed circuit patterns to match the card. Printed with flexible PCBs using an old Xerox Phaser laser printer, the geeky card also lights up a secret message in Morse code to illustrate the wedding info.

Via: Dvice

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