nozo handheld electric sterilizer uses ozone gas to disinfect textiles

Nozo sterilizer

Furniture and mattresses are possibly the most used objects in a home or office, which get infected with regular use, and require special cleansing to get them germ-free. Addressing the proplem, Turkish designer Berkan Taskin has come up with an electrical hand device called the “nozo” that sterilizes home/office textiles with minimum fuss.

Designed to extract ozone gas, known as the strongest and fastest sterilizer gas, from air (O2 to O3), and the electric sterilizer features an ergonomic design for easy cleaning. Apart from sterilizing your furniture and mattresses, the handheld sterilizer can also be used to disinfect your regular cloths which look too clean to wash from a naked eye but contain germs.

[Cheers Berkan]

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