Touch Screen Camera turns your standard PC into a touch sensitive computer

Touch Screen Camera For Desktop

Are you tired of working on your regular computer? Check out the latest Touch Screen Camera that turns your standard desktop screen into a touch sensitive screen to let you experience Microsoft’s newest touchscreen operating system. Compatible with Windows 8, the new Touch Screen Converter lets you browse the net with a gentle finger touch. To transform your regular screen into a touchscreen, all you need to do is connect the touch screen camera on top of your desktop, install the driver and enjoy the touch screen optimized OS. As simple as that!

Integrating a touch pen to click on icons, draw or replace your mouse, the radical touch screen converter lets the user input text in his/her own handwriting, while making their computing much more easy and intuitive than working on a regular PC. In addition, you can hold video chats with the touch webcam as it becomes a regular webcam. Priced at $50, the Touch Screen Camera adds the most recent touch technology to your standard PC and that too without spending hundreds of dollars on latest touch sensitive gadgets.

Via: Chinavasion

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