USB Camera Lens Humidifier keeps you fresh while working on computer

USB Camera Lens Humidifier

Extended work sessions on a desktop, gazing nonstop at the bright screen, usually make our eyes dry and itchy which causes fatigue and sleepiness. To regain the freshness of your eyes, you can either go out in fresh air for some time or install a humidifier alongside your computer to keep you fresh and awake for hours, until you finish your assignment on the desktop. Check out the new USB Camera Lens Humidifier that you can place on your workstation to produce moisture by cool ultrasonic waves to soothe your eyes as well as mind.

Looking more like a camera lens, the trendy humidifier is just ideal for your home, office and car to ensure you and your eyes breathe afresh, keeping you fresh and energetic all the time. Powered by USB, the Caniam Camera Lens Humidifier just measures 106 x 102 x 175mm in dimensions and weighs 214g to allow easy transportation. Priced at $25, the portable humidifier is perfect to soothe your tired eyes within the four walls.

USB Camera Lens Humidifier_01

Via: Redferret

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