R2-D2 and Walking Dead Surfboards to attract geeks toward surfing


R2-D2 and Walking Dead Surfboards

Geeks usually love to spend time at home or workplace working on their gadgets than to go out for a walk or sunbath on a beach side.  Inviting the gadget nerds to participate in outdoor activities, such as surfing or sunbath, here are two cool surfboards, i.e. the R2-D2 and the Walking Dead, which are sure to bring (especially the former) the gadget freaks to seashores and enjoy an animated ride on waves.

Launched at the recent 2013 Surf Expo in Florida, the artistic surfboards were airbrushed by Josh DelRocco of Ricky Carroll Surfboards to attract new members to the booming surfboard club, which otherwise remain confined in the virtual world.

Via: Geektyrant/ Technabob

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