Twin V Pro, digital SLR charger for professional photographers

Twin V Pro Charger for Digital SLR

Intended towards professional photographers and video markers, the “Twin V Pro” as the name indicates is a twin charger for digital SLR that folds for easy storage and transportation. Designed by Irish designer Cian O’Sullivan for Hahnel Industries, the compact charger comes wrapped in outer cover that apart from keeping the charger dust free also lets the user keep an eye on the charge levels with ease.

The Twin V Pro is compatible with a wide range of Digital SLR / video camera manufacturers, together with Sony, Panasonic, Leica, Samsung, Nikon and Canon, thanks to interchangeable battery contact plates that can charge different Li-Ion batteries within no time. Winner of the Plus X Design Award for Design & Ease of Use, the twin charger elegantly accommodates all battery types/forms and the charging electronics in a compact ventilated housing.

Via: Brightside


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