Custom made Colonial Marines Smart Gun looks like the original one

Custom Colonial Marines Smart Gun

Sci-fi movies have always been a great source of inspirations for designers. Replicating the Colonial Marines Smart Gun, here is a full sized custom made gun is assembled with more than 70 individual parts that are held together with steel nuts and bolts to reproduce the lethal weapon. Made using aluminum infused resin and steel, the new smart gun is hand painted, to match the original, with the Signature Vasquez Adios in white.

Featuring removable ammo drum and top cover like the real one, the custom made Smart Gun also includes a working rear trigger handle. Presenting minute details and functions, the costume Colonial Marines gun looks as good as its original counterpart. Priced at $2,000, the Smart Gun replica is sure to attract Aliens fans who cannot afford to spend $95k on an original one.

Via: Etsy

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