Pivot Power Mini plug can charge your four gadgets simultaneously

Pivot Power Mini_01

With portable gadgets becoming an integral part of modern life, people usually carry more than one gadget with them while travelling. But problem arises when you don’t find adequate number of power outlets in an airport or hotel room to charge your portable gadgets. Addressing the issue, designer Jake Zien has come up with a compact plug dubbed the “Pivot Power Mini” that unfolds four power outlets from a single socket to power your portable devices, including a Smartphone, digital camera, tablet and a laptop, simultaneously to make your journey memorable.

Offering two grounded outlets and two USB ports to power most of the USB chargeable devices, the three-pronged plug unfolds to power your gadgets and when not in use folds into a compact size for easy storage and transportation. The Pivot Power Mini not only powers multiple gadgets at the same time but also protects them from voltage spikes to ensure complete safety. Priced at $25, the utility plug is a true mate for gadget freaks on the go.

Via: Quirky

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