Nano Nails and Tech Tips to protect your touch phones from scratches

Tech Tips_01

Long nails may give you a fashionable look but they can simply spoil your Smartphone with scratches, as you touch the interactive screen with your finger. Need not to worry anymore, for Tech Tips and Nano Nails let you use fingers on the delicate touchscreen, no matter how sharp your nails are. While “Tech Tips” is a nail like physical extension that you can attach to your finger tip to navigate the touchscreen. In addition, you can wear Tech Tips over your glove, so you could effortlessly use your touch phones in winters.

On the other hand, “Nano Nails” (as the video indicates) looks like a polish or press on nails and doesn’t seem to include any add-ons. Though, we don’t have any concrete information on this up till now. With Nano Nails, now users will be able to use both their finger and nail to navigate their touchscreen phones and that too without the need of a stylus.

Via: ChipChick


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