Dynamite earphones come with a support system to stay stable within ears

Dynamite earphones

We often see people struggling with earphones while listening to music or receiving a call, as regular earphones don’t sit properly in the ear and keep popping out time and again. Providing a solution, South Korean designer Soohun Jung has come up with creative earphones dubbed the “Dynamite” that features a unique form to stay stable within ears and let you enjoy music without dropping out.

Resembling a dynamite structure, the latest earphones come with a support system that pops up to support the anthelix, as soon as you push the pop up button. With this innovative support system, earphones remain firm in the ear so you could enjoy your favorite tracks on the go with ease. Once you are done with your dose of music, you can push the support fixture back for easy storage.

Dynamite earphone_01

[Cheers Soohun]

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