CES 2013: PaperTab is as thin and flexible as a sheet of paper


The pace gadgets are getting thinner and lighter, the day isn’t too far away when we have paper thin devices at our dispose. Check out the “PaperTab,” an ultra-thin and ultra-flexible touchscreen device, which is sure to change the way people use tablets and computers. Developed at Queen’s University in collaboration with Intel Labs and Plastic Logic, the PaperTab features a high-resolution, 10.7” E-ink touchscreen display.

Running on the second generation Intel Core i5 Processor, the flexible tablet doesn’t use different apps or windows on a single display, instead it comes with ten or more interactive displays or PaperTabs, each working with a separate window or application, while remaining in close proximity (interacting) with each other. In addition, the user can form a big screen by positioning two or more PaperTabs next to each other, so he/she could drag objects across multiple screens.

Thought the PaperTabs will have to cover some distance for commercial availability, but you can have a closer look at the flexible tablet prototype at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

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