PicapiCamera app uses visible light communication technology for file transfer

With that iPhone-love in mind, avid uses can hardly think of a day when they’ve not draped their gadget in a new avatar or downloaded a brand new app. Now, with a view to provide a techno turn to their hunt for newer apps, Casio has come up with the world’s first iPhone app that uses visible light communication technology for better file transfer. Christened as PicapiCamera, the novel app uses red, green and blue flashing lights to encode received and sent data. In order to download it, what the users need to do in point their iPhone at the flashing light.

The app utilizes camera approach which involves the use of image sensors to capture light which contains information. The technique allows a device to interact with five others all at once. Therefore, for communication, you just have to set your address and send it to five people or devices. While utilizing this technology, your iPhone relies on GPS for data transfer.  A single 8-bit word decodes into data which is sent through sequence of flash lights to other devices.

Casio is hopeful of employing same tech in digital signage solutions by exploiting its ability to distribute location specific content.

Via: DigInfoTV

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