CES 2013: Mobio Pivot, an adjustable stand to hold your mobile gadgets safely


Holding portable gadgets, such as tablets or mobile phones, at different angles for longer durations often causes pain in your hand.  Addressing the issue, mobile accessory maker Mobio has come up with an adjustable stand that holds your mobile devices, at home or in the office, to offer a perfect viewing angle.  Hailed as “Mobio Pivot,” the adjustable stand doubles as a hands free, static tripod to let the user capture photos or shoot movies with ease.

Offering a sleek, ergonomic and elegant design to enhance the experience of the user with mobile technology, the Pivot is just ideal for playing games, presentations, reading books and cooking with recipes without spoiling your cherished devices. Compatible with tablets, Smartphones and cases of all brands, the Mobio Pivot features magnetic-based technology to hold your mobile devices elegantly and safely.

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