Touchy, camera that can be worn like a helmet

Touchy Camera

We often see people finding faults with their cameras for not clicking picture perfect images. Providing a solution to the problem, though irrational, the Hong Kong new media artist Eric Siu has come up with an innovative camera that virtually turns human beings into a camera, so people could rebuke none but themselves for distorted pictures. Hailed as “Touchy,” the human camera resembles an old school camera that users can wear on their heads like a helmet.

Integrating the helmet to a tiny globe called the Touchy Bulb, the wearable camera captures a photo as soon as the helmet receives a signal when a person or passerby touches the bulb and the wearer simultaneously for about 10 seconds. The eye sockets on helmet’s eye open twin apertures to reveal eyes of the wearer with the illumination produced by an internal helmet light. You can preview the photo on the 3.5” LCD display, lying at the rear of the helmet, soon after the photo is clicked.

Via: Ubergizmo

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