SOLO to change your perception about medical inhalers

SOLO Medical Inhaler

People normally refrain from standard inhalers to avoid frequent allergies and go for other medications to cure asthma or other inhalation problems. Addressing the issue, designer Irfan Kachwalla has developed a simple but unique medical accessory called the “SOLO” that is sure to change user’s perception about medical inhalers. Made using medical grade polycarbonate through injection molding, the modular inhaler is compact enough to fit in your pocket for the users on the go.

Measuring 25 x 25 x 95mm (LWH) in dimensions, the portable inhaler just weighs 07 grams and virtually takes ownership of the treatment of the people suffering from asthma and improve their  everyday actions. Priced at $ 3, the SOLO Medical Inhaler is not only cost effective and easy to produce but also universally adaptable to heal common users.

Via: Ikach

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